Having good antivirus software installed can help protect against malware, as well as other threats. Some solid free options are available, so you don’t need to spend a penny. Go through these and decide which ones don’t need to start automatically. This process is especially beneficial to performance d3dcompiler_43.dll download if you can disable some of the high impact ones.

Another important, yet often overlooked, best practice is to have a disaster recovery plan should your patch management fail and cause problems. Backups are the easiest option and they can also be used to mitigate other risks such as a virus infection or intrusion. They can also include new features and functionality that can tap into the latest innovations of the software. Microsoft is constantly working on new features and sending new functionality in the form of software patches, so downloading and installing them can help you work better and smarter.

If you’ve got a laptop, make sure it’s upgradeable (in many cases, it’s difficult or even impossible to upgrade laptop RAM). Resource-intensive applications like video editing, gaming, Photoshop, programming apps, and online streaming platforms. As tellow so kindly pointed out, if you want to work on something just ping us, exchange ideas, possibly website open an issue or a draft PR to show people this is a thing. That’s a concept that might be unknown to you but is actually crucial to FOSS development.

  • You can also disable the automatic feature update installation and Windows 10 new version upgrade feature using Registry Editor.
  • That’s because the tool is now updated in the third or fourth week of every month with the latest Patch Tuesday release.
  • I use Windows Server 2012 updates to patch Windows 8 , and the July 2021 updates will also remove the integrated Flash engine.

The goal is for the user not to know an update even happened. The day the fix was released, Microsoft watcher Chris Goettel suggested prioritizing four of the 18 updates – but not the one fixing Petya and WannaCry. Security company Qualys also failed to include that specific update in its list of the most important March updates. The companies putting out the updates don’t always help much, either. If, for example, it was clear that skipping a particular update would leave users vulnerable to a dangerous ransomware attack, people might agree to interrupt their work to protect themselves.

Stopping The Windows Update Service

Opened the computer this morning to another new upgrade and I also have lost CCleaner, saw the icon was missing from the desktop, went looking for it and could not find it. The computer opens to all kinds of windows that I don’t like and I seem to have lost items that I am not happy about. XP sure was a lot better and not all the issues I have had with Windows 10 since August. I also have had to download a new driver for my HP printer because it would not print with Windows 10. My first problem was the bios and making room for a Linux distro. 8.1 was terrible so I had nothing to loose to use Windows 10.

Selecting Quick Programs Of Dll Files

Windows 10 has actually streamlined the update process, so you should be seeing fewer errors. PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error is appeared when Windows can’t access the needed page to achieve the needed process it started to run.